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PRESS RELEASE: HWA: Ofsted Monitoring Visit

18th October 2018

Following Hanham Woods Academy’s recent Ofsted monitoring visit the Cabot Learning Federation is extremely pleased to announce..…

press release: bma: Bristol Metropolitan Academy has featured in the Parliamentary Review

19th September 2018

The Parliamentary Review has grown in size and influence each year since its first documents were produced in 2010 under the gui…

press release: clf: The CLF continues to improve SATs results

19th September 2018

The Cabot Learning Federation (CLF) is extremely pleased to announce that the overall performance of the CLF........To read the …

PRESS RELEASE: MPA: Minerva is still a ‘Good’ academy

19th September 2018

Minerva Primary Academy was recently inspected by Ofsted.........To read the full release click here.

PRESS RELEASE: CLF: Evergreen Primary Academy joins the Cabot Learning Federation

19th September 2018

The Cabot Learning Federation (CLF), one of the most established and mature multi-academy trusts in the South West.....To read t…

PRESS RELEASE: DSS: Students study at Cambridge University

19th September 2018

For the first week in August three Year 12 students from Digitech Studio School had the opportunity to stay in the University of…

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