• To embed effective teaching, which accelerates progress, delivers outcomes and inspires a passion for learning through an ethic of evidence.
  • To motivate and enthuse pupils through a personalised curriculum that leverages academic and personal success, building resilience and providing an equitable and safe experience for all. 
  • To ensure that all pupils have equality of opportunity and provision across the Federation and achieve highly regardless of context or circumstance.
  • To achieve excellent outcomes for all pupils, who progress at a faster rate than their peers nationally and enjoy improved life chances.




  • To achieve full and safe recruitment to all posts from a combination of internal and external sources that enable recruits to make an immediate and sustained positive impact.
  • To provide safe and healthy working environments, career development and training that will deliver impact, release potential, maximise job satisfaction.
  • To achieve excellence in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI).


  • To develop a culture where research literacy is valued and widespread;
  • To provide opportunities for CLF staff to become research-engaged by developing expertise in action research and evaluation;
  • To develop a research-rich environment in which systematic and sustained, deliberate professional reflection and enquiry supports on-going self-improvement.
  • To ensure excellent governance, scrutiny and accountability at all levels of CLF operations
  • To embed practices of excellent compliance, planning, innovation, risk and opportunities management and sustainability;
  • To ensure quality decision making and an increased probability of success in all of CLF’s activities.
  • To derive maximum value from the CLF estate and infrastructure and to minimise levels of responsive repairs through effective asset management.To maximise value derived from internal and external auditing of operations
  • To demonstrate strong health and safety leadership in order to embed a positive culture
  • To ensure Federation financial sustainability and individual academy financial health over the planning period according to the development of standardised ‘Business Rules’
  • To foster excellent professional communications both internally and externally.
  • To generate positive pupil recruitment through successful PR and marketing work.
  • To generate business opportunities due to the reputation and profile of the CLF through our communication channels.


  • To prepare pupils at all stages to develop leadership skills
  • To prepare pupils at all stages to develop team working skills
  • To develop excellent employability, enterprise and workplace skills.
  • To provide excellent careers education for all
  • To embed excellent Information, Advice, Guidance for pupils, staff, parents, alumni
  • To achieve excellence in the promotion and effective use of new technologies.
  • To prepare students for life after CLF through continuity of technology from education to workplace.  


  • To deliver excellent community relations and maintain mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • To conceive and actively contribute to initiatives and strategies designed to build excellence in educational provision in Bristol and the surrounding area.
  • To embed a culture of open collaboration. To extend the profile of the CLF as a leading and influential MAT. 
  • To respond to growth, enhancement or disinvestment opportunities that strengthen the Federation’s capacity, ability and focus to deliver successful learning outcomes to students and business sustainability.

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