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The CLF are excited to announce a new Studio School to be based in Kingswood. The proposed new studio school, which is planned to open in September 2015 subject to final approval from the Secretary of State, will specialise in advanced engineering, high tech and creative media and will be located in new and refurbished buildings in the Kingswood area of South Gloucestershire. The Studio School will be the thirteenth school in our Federation, joining our existing 7 secondary and 5 primary academies, and will deliver an outstanding educational experience to, at capacity, 360 students. CLF have worked closely with South Gloucestershire Council to develop the proposals for this studio school.

The vision is to provide a new and innovative approach to learning in South Gloucestershire and the east of Bristol, working in partnership with local creative and media employers to provide inspiring work-related learning and placements, alongside quality teaching and learning experiences, with an aim to improve educational attainment, skills and employment outcomes for students in this area.

The Studio School will provide a new and innovative approach, unlike a traditional school, which will both complement and offer an alternative to existing provision.  It is designed to:

  • meet the needs of employers by addressing the key skills gaps identified by local and sub-regional employers in the advanced engineering, high tech,
    creative and digital sectors and help to facilitate growth.
  • develop young people with the aspirations and the skills to be successful in a career in high tech, advanced engineering and creative and digital industries.
  • improve the relationship between schools and employers through engaging employers in curriculum design and through enterprise projects and real work
    experience; and add to the diversity of educational provision in an area by offering an alternative to the ‘traditional’ 11 – 18 provision.
  • add to the diversity of educational provision in an area by offering an alternative to the ‘traditional’ 11 – 18 provision and provide high quality education to both the local community and a wider area through a focus on academic excellence in a small school setting, raising standards of attainment at both 16 and 18.



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